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Continually evolving our policies and procedures to help sustain the environment in all that we do.

We endeavour to comply with all relevant regulatory requirements, prevent pollution, monitor and continually improve our environmental performance, maintain employee awareness and training and incorporate sustainability into business decisions.
Part of Status Flooring's ‘Policies and Procedures’ now includes careful recycling of as much waste product as possible. As part of their cost-efficiency programme, their staff are all trained to minimise waste where possible. However, it is inevitable that a certain volume of waste is created – and it is their strict practice this is returned to the depot at the end of every working day. Whereupon, the waste materials are segregated and stored according to type, in readiness for regular collections from recycling agencies.

This level of attention even extends to the head office buildings, where low voltage daylight tubes have been fitted as well as ceiling insulation and other such environmental and efficiency steps have been investment in.

Status Flooring is very proud that this practice is helping to keep costs down and improve the environment for all.

Read our full Sustainability Policy statement here.
  • Green: actively minimising our carbon footprint
  • Dedicated: all staff are fully aware of our recycling practices
  • Cost-effective: all our efforts help keep costs to a minimum
  • Plastic bottles: chipped up and recycled into other plastic products
  • Carpet tiles: Mashed up in to furnace pellets. Top fibres reused for carpet backing. Backing mashed for furnace pellets of road surfacing
  • Vinyls: Reused in the backing of new tiles and traffic cones

Vinyl take-back scheme
We return our vinyl offcuts to Recofloor for recycling – these are then used to manufacture new flooring or to make traffic management products such as traffic cones and road sign bases.
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DESSO – Take Back™
This program means that most carpet tiles, with the exception of those containing PVC, can now be fully reprocessed. Through the development of the Take Back process, waste floor coverings being sent to landfill are being reduced at a steadily growing rate.
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Tel: 01202 765272

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